Jump into the lives of Megha and Varsha as we talk about our current society and learn more about who we are and share the different ways on how we can grow and develop as human beings. We interview many professional guest speakers to share their stories and spread their knowledge. We hope this podcast is a fun way to bring you joy and to enlighten yoursevles! 


"If you have knowledge, let others light their candles in it."  

Margaret fuller


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    “It was an absolute pleasure to be a featured guest my loves! Keep dreaming and conquering those dreams.”

    -Hira Hyder

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    “This podcast provided me with valuable information about career, life, and so much more! Each episode brings with it something special for the listener—I highly recommend this one🌟

    – Jane (from Zest & Wishes)

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    “Great effort by hosts to bring in guests from all walks of life and have an interesting conversation . Love listening to this podcast . Kudos to Varsha and Megha ! Keep up the good work.”

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    “Varsha and Megha are two young women with powerful, inquisitive voices. Their podcast is interesting and insightful, and a “must listen” for teens.”

    – Dr. Tara Egan


  • Placeholder Dr. Tara Egan – Counselor & Parenting Coach (Episode 8 & Episode 24) 

  •  Hira Hyder- Journalist (Episode 13)

  • Taylor Fraser – School Shooting Survivor (Episode 18)  

  • Placeholder Jen Pavich – Feminist Life Coach (Episode 9) 

  • Sabrina – Psychic (Episode 20)  

  • Placeholder  Hannah Weaver – Actor (Episode 11) 

  • Placeholder  Dr. Rebecca Keith – Founder & Director of One World Montessori School (Episode 16) 

  •  Sharayu Mahale – Actress (Episode 21) 

  • Placeholder  Victoria Volk – Grief Therapist (Episode 19) 

  • Placeholder Nicole Connell – Educational Therapist and Mentor (Episode 22) 

  • Placeholder  Jessica Guzik – Corporate Strategist (Episode 10)