Megha Nair



Hey Everyone! I am Megha and I'm one of the hosts of RMV! I am currently a senior in high school. I love to read, be around family and friends, and play with my dog Tyson! I have a great passion for podcasting and I am so excited to share all the information we learn to the world. I am very lucky to host this with Varsha and we both put are absolute best in our episodes to make sure they are great to the fullest. 

Varsha Vinod


Host/Social Media Manager/Scriptwriter/Organizer 

Hi! I am Varsha and I'm one of the hosts of RMV! I am currently a senior in high school and in my spare time, I like to read, bike, and play the guitar. I am really passionate about podcasting and getting the opportunity to do it with Megha is even better. Megha and I are really lucky enough to host a show full of content made for you! We both hope you enjoy our show and take something away from it. 

Teamwork makes the dream work

John C. Maxwell


Siri Dhadesuguar 



Hi!! My name is Siri and I am one of the scriptwriter for this podcast!! I am an uprising senior at Leland High School and I am super proud of what this podcast has accomplished. I look forward to writing more meaningful scripts for future episodes!

Shalini Sundar


Graphic Designer

Hii! I am Shalini and I am the graphic designer for the podcast. I really love technology and creating digital art serves as great passion for me.